Gibraltar Bench

It was a brisk morning; but we layered up and hopped in to the back of the truck. I hadn’t been to Gibraltar before, so I just sat back while our journey got under way. We began climbing up mountains and through canyons I’d never encountered in my 16 years in Santa Barbara. I kept my eye on the sea as a reference point; the increasingly bright sun slowly rose into the sky and was not greeted by a single cloud. This sort of view was a rare luxury for myself but my companions didn’t seem to notice or care at the moment. After an uncertain amount of time, I sensed that we were nearing our destination. We decided to pull up next to a massive rock formation. My friends started skating down the steep, smooth, isolated roads while took pictures. Eventually we began hiking up the rock formation. This place gave me nostalgia for a recent trip I’d taken to Joshua Tree; I never thought I’d find a place reminiscent of Joshua Tree in Santa Barbara. I continued my way up towards the top of the massive rock; unsure of exactly where we’d be going but at this point I was prepared to embrace it. We reached it’s peak, and sat down overlooking all of Santa Barbara. Let me inform you that I’m uneasy with heights, a seemingly inherent fear but nonetheless a scary one. Well when I believed I’d reached a limit by standing on a two-hundred foot rock, my friends decided to take it a bit further and sit on a naturally formed “bench” jutting out from the edge of a cliffside. The bench could fit two people so two friends, Jacob and Shen, took their seats. I was astounded by the sheer drop surrounding the bench, I couldn’t help but look down. Eventually they abandoned their seats and encouraged my to give it a try. I began gradually inching my way towards the bench, any miscalculation in my steps could cost me my life. Rocks tumbled beneath my and I did my best to keep my focus on the bench. Finally, I slid into the bench and let my feet dangle of the sheer drop on the other side. I was no longer engulfed by the drop, but instead immersed in a unreal vantage point of Santa Barbara.


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