The Little Prince Review (No Major Spoilers)

Over the past three weeks, one of Santa Barbara’s crown jewels, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (Also known an SBIFF) has been running in Santa Barbara, California. SBIFF brings a myriad of actors, writers, directors, producers, etc. but mostly actors, to Santa Barbara to sit down for interviews and receive awards. The award ceremonies and films varied in quality, this a review of the first and opening film of the festival, “The Little Prince”.

The Little Prince:

 (No Major Spoilers):                                                                                                                                                        The Little Prince was an animated film starring Jeff Bridges, Directed by Mark Osborne. It’s an adventure/comedy film that follows a 12 year old girl and her mother to a new house and school district. The film opens with the girl failing an interview, prompting her mother to move them to a new school district to reapply. The girl begins her summer break and they move in to their new house. As soon as they arrive, the mother announces a vigorous plan for the daughter’s summer; she unveils a schedule for her daughter to prepare for school in the fall. She begins her school work for the summer, then receives a letter from her neighbor. She crawls under the fence into the neighbor’s yard and sees it’s an elderly man repairing an old, whimsical-looking plane. They greet and then gradually befriend each other.

This was a very fun, adventurous film that retold an old fable from a new perspective. The film may had a fairly, small cast of characters but each one we encountered was memorable and intriguing. The feeling of the film was consistent and great as well as the animation. Although this was an independent film, it had the quality of a Pixar or Disney film. The film was bright and colorful and had some interesting tones. It was a creative and bright film that I’d recommend.




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