Sunday Morning Mountains

This past Sunday, a few friends and I woke up at 6:30am and headed up in to the hills of Santa Barbara. We woke up early and grabbed some snacks and water. Chet, a good friend with a big, black SUV, arrived at 6:45am, we hopped in the back and headed out. From Montecito, we began making our way up into the mountains behind us. The roads slowly became smoother and more remote. The roads were thin and rarely traveled by cars; we didn’t encounter many others on our journey up. We gradually made our way up the mountain, the car wound it’s way around each hill and the views became more expansive. Our view was soon a 180 degree view of Santa Barbara. The sun was rising over us, so we began to take some photos and discuss our eventual route. After an hour of narrowly avoiding bikers and downhill skater on the paved road we took a bit of a turn. Chet steered the car down a rough, dirt road, towards another undetermined destination. Jack, another friend in the car, suggested that we head down into the canyon; we headed down the one road available and now found ourselves behind a mountain ridge. It was significantly darker and colder behind the ridge, as the sun had not yet risen above our heads, yet we continued. At a certain point we drove through a massive, muddy puddle, but kept on our way. After about 20 minutes of driving down, we questioned why we were headed away from the view and sunshine, so we returned back up the way we had came. A few minutes later we arrived at the mud puddle we had passed earlier. Jack and Shen hopped out of the back of the car and stationed themselves a safe distance away from the puddle. Chet and I remained in the car and backed up a ways up the road. Jack signaled to us that they were in position and we took off. We picked up some speed and set the puddle in our sights. The car was bouncing between a cliff and a mountainside as we took a narrow turn towards the puddle.


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