Over spring break, I spent a fair amount of time at the beach. No matter which beach I attended, a colossal cruise ship inhabiting Santa Barbara, inhibited my view. I’ve noticed that these cruise ships show up periodically in the Santa Barbara bay; I’ve never been on one myself so they’ve always intrigued me. When a friend, Chet, informed me that he’d be riding his dinghy up the coast from Rincon to Sharks beach, it occurred to me that a few of us could take it out to the cruise ship. I arrived at Sharks around noon; Chet had already pioneered the dinghy up the coast and had it anchored on the beach. Chet positioned himself where the waves were breaking, so I had to time my entry. Between waves, I began trudging through the water with my fellow sailors, Jacob and Jack. We dove into the boat and Chet took off. The boat launched over a breaking wave and we scrambled for a comfortable position in the boat. Chet steered the boat through some waves and around some closer boats. After preparing ourselves and getting adjusted to the boat, we returned to the shore and grabbed a second gas tank before taking off. The waves had gotten larger and choppier since the first time we’d left the shore; we trudged through the perpetual rows of waves and climbed aboard. The boat had a momentary delay, then all of a sudden, it took off. Our sights were set on the massive ship. The boat bounced across the tops of each wave, skipping it’s way towards the ship. The coast flew by, and we arrived at the ship. We looped around the ship, starting at front of the ship, and made our way towards the back. Passengers aboard the ship called out to us, but the dinghy engined muffled our communication. Eventually we began heading back to the beach; it was a powerful encounter. I will remember that day and our meeting with the ship. I hope to take more adventures out at sea and share them on this blog. Share your boating experiences below!
















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